Anna Capolupo

The pictorial research by Anna Capolupo, a young artist who lives and works in Florence, is focused on the city. A peripheral city, inhospitable, made of places where you can breathe the discomfort, the non-belonging. Those suburbs in which the gaze is lost in color, flies over the lines, scanning the empty spaces. Those “non-places” that inhabit all the metropolis, all the same, but also all different. Mirrors of belonging and lived. Stays of exhausted citizenship, imaginary citadels of an industrial archeology, of a recent past.

With her paintings, Anna writes new suburbs, tearing and recomposing the overflowed lines, the lost colors, the emptied spaces. It gives us back the reinvented places, in constant transformation, that refer us to an unconscious citizen revealing of humanity, of inner journey. Here her painting is transformed, transformed into a personal journey, in wandering. A journey that, through its research, also becomes our path.

Winner Combat Prize 2016, promoted by Blob Art, Livorno. Winner of Change 2016, promoted by Off Site Art and Art Bridge, Aquila and New York. Winner of YOUNG AT ART 2013, promoted by MACA (Acri museum of contemporary art).