Cartavetra is also an open and engaging laboratory that offers the opportunity to learn about various artistic techniques, through courses and workshops with the artists on display.

The laboratory is equipped to host artists who wish to produce prints, artist books and all works that require the use of paper.

Cartavetra’s laboratory is also an Open Studio for students and professionals.

Pietro Desirò

Pietro Desirò

Nontoxic Engraving

The aim of the course is to offer students the necessary skills in order to create a project both graphic and artistic with traditional printing techniques.

Engraving is a patient and ancient discipline, but always current in contemporary art. The supports, the tools, the varnishes and the innovative stains will be illustrated in order to create the plates to be imprinted.

The lessons will include the study of engraving, xylography, collography and the experimental dry press.

Brunella Baldi

Brunella Baldi


This course is aimed at those who want to translate their imagination into a graphic image, through the creation of illustrations of characters, to also come to the composition of real stories. Different techniques will be experimented with the intent to create a creative path able to activate the imagination of each student.

The course will be divided into two categories, the basis for those who approach drawing as a beginner, and the advanced for those who have already practiced with the subject itself, learning to design an illustrated book, not just a succession of images, but as an orderly conglomeration of illustration, text, dimensions and form of the book itself and finally graphic.

Rosita D’Agrosa

Rosita D’Agrosa

Mixed Media

The course will range from traditional techniques of painting, engraving and sculpture to reach the most alternative, with the use of tools and materials belonging to the sphere of everyday life. The beauty of mixed technique art is its flexibility.

The intent is to develop the ability of the students to mix the different artistic languages, towards the realization of a totally personal project developed ad hoc according to the needs of the individual user of the course.


“Vite che sono in fondo la mia”
Corso di scrittura autobiografica
Sabato 15 e domenica 16 giugno 2019
Galleria Cartavetra, Via Maggio 64, Firenze

a cura di Alessandro Raveggi
rivolto a scrittori e artisti

Il corso di scrittura autobiografica, nella sua versione intensiva di 2 giornate, durante il weekend del 15 e 16 GIUGNO 2019 offrirà ai suoi partecipanti – scrittori principianti, amanti della lettura, ma anche artisti in cerca di un lavoro sulla narrazione autobiografica – un vero e proprio corso base di scrittura – in 10 ore totali – fornendo tecniche, consigli, revisioni, letture, esercizi e dibattito, a partire dalla letteratura autobiografica: da quella più classica, alle sue modalità contemporanee.

Ogni partecipante si troverà a dialogare con il curatore e gli altri iscritti, condividendo i propri materiali già approntati, e partecipando a esercizi di gruppo, nonché scoprendo e leggendo autori vecchi e nuovi.

Curato dal 2013 dallo scrittore e direttore editoriale Alessandro Raveggi, presentato in vari luoghi, librerie, centri culturali in Italia, segnalato nel 2017 dal settimanale l’Espresso, questo corso è un progetto di diffusione della scrittura e della lettura promosso in collaborazione con Cartavetra e la rivista letteraria The FLR – The Florentine Literary Review.


Upcoming workshop:
Puppetmaking workshop with Stefano Bessoni
May 24, 2019 – May 26, 2019

The workshop, aimed at those who have already acquired basic knowledge of stop motion, consists of three days dedicated to the manufacture of direct stop puppets in a single copy.

Total hours: 24 (3 days from 8 hours – Friday 24 May 10:00 – 19:00, Saturday 25 May 10:00 – 19:00 and Sunday 26 May 10:00 – 19:00)

Cost: € 300 + € 10 membership card (including some materials)
To book send an email to


Past workshop:
Stopmotion animation workshop with Stefano Bessoni
May 18, 2018 – May 20, 2018

The workshop is a basic level, lasting 2-3 days, focusing on the simplest stop-motion techniques such as claymation and cut-out using Dragonframe software.

It allows students to take the first steps to approach the stop-motion, in order to understand well the characteristics and above all the principles of animation and its management through the use of dedicated software.


Past workshop:
Concertine Sconcertanti workshop with Cristina Balbiano d’Aramengo
January 26, 2019

The objective of this seminar is the exploration of various models of multi-purpose booklets, made without the use of glue, which derive from the accordion folding.

Using the basic techniques of creasing, folding and cutting, and using various papers and cards, we will make a sampling of very useful structures in the presentation of graphic and calligraphic material, as well as useful containers for loose papers and tables.


Past workshop:
Engraving with tetrapak taught by Pietro Desirò
September 19, 2018

Do you think that fruit juices or milk cartons only serve to contain your favorite drinks? You would never think they could become like “sheets of paper” or canvases on which you can engrave monsters, flowers or anything you want. Instead it’s just like that! The tetrapak is like a plate, you just need to know how to engrave it. Here comes our magical Pietro Desirò who will teach you an original and creative way to give new life to your fruit juices.


Past workshop:
Oriental binding workshop
December 9, 2017

In this workshop you will learn how to create different styles of seams in the Eastern tradition for binding books. We will explore the basic forms of tradition and experiment with the creation of new and original forms of sewing. In the end, each participant will have created a small collection of stitched notebooks and a case to contain them.


Past workshop:
La Cosa Viva workshop with Stefano Ricci
observation, drawing, graphics, hand printing
April 8-10, 2016

Three days of intense work with an extraordinary artist.

During the workshop a series of posters will take shape based on the observation of the surroundings of the place where the lessons are held.
Every day the participants will come out for a time that we will decide together, to draw what to them – observing it – it will seem to be the most alive thing (animal, human, plant).
Starting from the observation and from the materials collected outside – drawings, notes, photos – the work will be completed by drawing, at the workshop, with a brush, black and white acrylic.
The drawings will be made on cardboard, from which a stencil (a mask) will be cut out, used by everyone to hand-print, in three colors, some copies of the poster.