Giorgio Distefano is a Sicilian artist, originally from Ragusa. he then moved to Florence, the city where he lives and works and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. His artistic training was born in the restoration laboratories and the workshops where he studied both the traditional and contemporary techniques.

His artistic activity does not stop at painting but is accompanied by the work of set designer and costume designer for theaters, which allows him to elaborate object-costumes and masks, which for him are extension of the actor’s own body and generators of dynamics in entire scenic space at your disposal. His artistic research is an investigation of the states of light and of the conditions of lighting.

Dawn and sunrise, sunset and twilight merge into emotional and chromatic states, through the study of space in the landscape and in the urban landscape, which for him are iconographic inspiration, but idealized in a nostalgic way as if they were inside a simple scenic box.

The places of its origins, in particular the Sicilian land and the Mediterranean Sea, are decomposed and laid bare with the consequent loss of identity, in a timeless dimension, a suspended coexistence between nature, technological wrecks and analysis of symbols.

He is currently engaged in a project that involves the use of paper patterns for clothing, which act as a support for his works; this original choice was born as a tribute to the grandmother’s tailoring profession and it is a patient weaving work in which different and overlapping places can be glimpsed and revealed at the time.