Momento Flettente – Text of Luca Sposato

The freedom in the illustrative art is synonymous with conquest.

The Crusade Artist from the time assert his intellectual dignity and authorial style, offers room for examples of reflection for people who are in this profession, the only one in the world that you can not choose, and to recall the human need to a visceral dream. By no means assume. 

If we consider the ancient world, the role of art was certainly more functional and linked to a specific symbolism, the canonical form and encoded by a selective study of the natural world: the artistic license he could see better in the decorations, still anchored to a knowledge mathematical. The Grotesque freed imaginative and small desires, but marginally. In the Middle Ages it was the first real flash of imagination, having, for want of warning to the ecclesiastical order, representing Evil. There was a real iconography about it, so in many cases it was up to the artist to come up with virtuous formal stratagems. He was born, in essence, a visual microcosm that gave face to stories and legends managing to make more plastic and less lyrical even the work of writers, helping to feed the voracious collective imagination. 

The evolution of the artist’s role and the increasing importance of his fantastic universe resulted in the aesthetic field innovations and deformation, turning the taste and the sense of beauty in a host of social relations in the history of the world. 

He pressed to offer this historical-fictional prelude to introduce the work so genuine and full of Pietro Desirò, uploading the legacy that gather young artistic promise. Faithful to a path steeped in technical studies of the intaglio technique, Desirò leads his wild imagination to a lucid, abstract, meticulous and abundant etchings. Departing from a previous anatomical research and narrative, it is the need for a more liquid formalism and impalpable, but thoroughly tied to the line, track, synonymous with a physical and temporal route that the author is addressing; already introducing the first steps in the show is savored mastery of line and an almost musical continuum, a circular score in the service of freedom of expression pleasantly whimsical. In flex the sign engraved is increasingly dynamic and experimental interventions, it could not evade from the randomness charm, represented by acid burns on paper and from the graphic burrs, impossible to control, giving a touch of color and raising the composition to a more elaborate and multi-sensory tone. Contingency given environment, for its empirical and laboratorial nature, where the works reveal at times a chameleon-like character, recovering the body and brown crispness of certain walls in a vibrant game. The world of Desirò, a geometric fairytale, clearly shows an intention plastic, sculptural, almost living, drastically rushing from the paper and moving in a way that is sensitive and concrete, given the presence of video equipment, in the wake of Escher solutions, not by chance but a skillful calligrapher.