Rosia D’angrosa

Rosita D’Agrosa is a young artist from Campania, originally from the province of Salerno. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, with a focus in painting. She moved to Spain to attend the mural course at the University of Lleida.

She obtained a degree in Visual Arts and New Expressive Languages ​​at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and in 2014 she attended the annual specialization course in graphics and art printing at the Il Bisonte Foundation.

She has participated in the Qua e là exhibitions, curated by Marsha Steinberg, at the California State University, Florence, Net Working at the Fontina Park, Comeana, Carmignano in Prato, at the Painting Collective at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. She took part in the creation of the fresco The streets of the sun, on the walls of the Municipality of Campiglia Marittima.

The projects to which she currently works are born from the bond with family tradition and the sartorial profession: through the use of the bridal trousseau, her works are the result of a reasoned study of the female body and an analysis of the change to which the human being is subjected.